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Understanding What is Cheap Dallas Electricity in the Big Scheme of Things

Dallas Electricity CheapIn Dallas competition has been opened in the deregulated electricity market since 2002. Dallas Texas represents one of the most successful cities for deregulation as a majority of people have shopped, compared, and chosen an alternate electric company other than TXU Energy.

TXU Energy was the monopoly electric utility in the Dallas area but when the market was opened up to deregulation electric choice set in and alternate energy providers opened up for business.

What usually happens when an electric choice program opens up in a state is energy consumers see electricity prices drop.

The confusing aspect to the beginning of electric deregulation in Dallas is right as Dallas deregulated their was a spike in the natural gas commodities market.

The power generators bid on natural gas to purchase for use in generating electric power. Some fingers were raised that a potential sabotage was in the works to cause these prices to go up on purpose to hopefully convince the public that deregulation was the cause.

What happened was cheap Dallas electricity rates were eventually realized as natural gas energy prices came back down and electric generators were able to produce electric power at cheap prices.

Dallas Texas is in the North Texas region of the state and is not as effected by some of the congestion, line losses and demand as is experienced in Houston. Since Dallas TX is in a good area of the state for receiving generated power the prices are cheaper here than in many other parts of the state like Corpus Christ and Houston.

These cheap Dallas electricity rates are like this across the board in this metro area but between electric providers there is still room for shopping and comparing electric rates.

There are over 30 retail electric companies in Dallas and a few of these offer what appears to be a competitive rate but is really more of a disguised teaser price that will definitely go up on you.

Be sure to go with a fixed rate plan that is straight forward where the fees are all bundled in and if not there is a clear disclosure.

Of course there are sales taxes that you must pay but beyond that what you see is what you get in a good Dallas electricity rate comparison.

You will usually see short term variable electric rates in Dallas but these rates are only good for the first month. After the first month the rate is subject to change. These variable Dallas electricity prices are good for those who want to try out a provider or will only be at one location for a short time.

Some variable electric rates have a price ceiling so they can only go so high on you and allows the customer to still have some price assurance on their rate while other prices have no indication as to what they will do from month to month.

Because of the uncertainty of a variable Dallas electricity rate the best way to make sure you get cheap Dallas electricity is to go with a predictable rate plan such as fixed rates that many providers offer.



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